Perdiendo el Este / 3D Logotype

Year: 2018

Client: Aparte Producciones

Animated logotype for the movie ‘Perdiendo el Este’, directed by Paco Caballero with Julián López, Miki Esparbé, Silvia Alonso, Malena Alterio y Javier Cámara among others.

We developed a neon logo in 3D, simulating the street light panels of Shangay.

After their misadventures in Berlin in ‘Perdiendo el Norte’, Braulio, Rafa and Hakan travel to Hong Kong in search of new opportunities. But in their search for fortune in the Far East these three members of the lost generation will find themselves more lost than ever. And it is not easy to succeed in a land that has a language, culture and customs that are a world away.

Perdiendo el Este / 3D Logotype