Year: 2021

Client: Sony Pictures

Photography: Jorge Alvariño

Design of the poster for the movie ‘Descarrilados’, a comedy directed by Fernando García-Ruiz and performed by Ernesto Sevilla, Julián López and Arturo Valls.

In the year 2000, Pepo, Roge, Costa and Juan Luis, four in their twenties, undertook the dream trip: the Interrail. But on their first stop in Paris, the adventure, and incidentally their friendship, ended abruptly. Twenty years later Juan Luis has passed away and, as a last will, he has decided to donate his juicy inheritance to his three old friends. But in return he asks them to do the Interrail that they could not do with fun conditions … they have to take the ashes of his friend with them so that he can “live” the experience with them. Out of “love” for Juan Luis, these three 40-year-old adolescents will have to resolve their differences, visit the same cities and experience the same revelries, but in a much more pathetic way. And with cholesterol through the roof.